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An episodic FMV game

Poe and Munro are back!

Six supernatural episodes lovingly wrapped in FMV...

Shapeshifting Spin-off!

"Dark Nights with Poe and Munro" is a spin-off from the best-selling "The Shapeshifting Detective" videogame by D'Avekki Studios. They're both standalone, but you may enjoy playing them together... 

Six episodes, six stories, one game

Control Poe and Munro in an entire season of branching episodes, packaged as a single game for a single price! Visit multiple locations, meet more of August's strange inhabitants and unravel new mysteries along the way. 

Point and click

Disappearing hot spots control the action, individually paced to give you the time you need to make decisions. There are zero traditional in-game dialog options, just click and play! 


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